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The 5Fs are about getting your priorities clear, which will directly impact how you invest your time. That’s when the real work begins and in this book you’ll find tools and action steps to keep you on track.

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What Matters Most

With timeless wisdom, Brian’s 5Fs allows the reader to master that fine line between being truly successful while not compromising any area of life!

Dr Shefali Tsabary

New York Times Best-Selling Author


Brian Scrone is a student of the game of life. His commitment to the daily discipline of the 5Fs is an inspiration to his students and a role model for generations to come.


Founder, CFO Scoreboard

Brian Scrone is a successful, authentic and inspiring human who truly walks the talk. So we are thrilled that he is sharing his most valuable insights with the world. If you are wanting to create real wealth – and live life on your own terms – this book will help you  get there with a lot less stress and a lot more joy.


Co-Founders, Real Wealth Network

It’s too easy to come to the end of your life and realize you didn’t actually focus on what matters most or who matters most. The 5F framework gives you the tools and perspective you need to align your priorities in every important aspect of your life.


Founder, Maverick 1000

There are many great messages in the world, but few that include tangible and effective tools to apply to your life right away. Brian’s book is one of the few and a must-read.


Founder, Second Firsts

By founding and building the Archangel community, I have learned what every entrepreneur learns – creating and, more importantly, maintaining balance in all areas of your life can be a challenge. The stories and tools Brian shares in this book help the reader simplify and then focus on their top priorities and relationships. A must-read for simple but effective growth.


Founder, Archangel Academy