About Me

I’m a simple guy who loves God, my family and friends, and surfing the world’s oceans. My life summit is to surf warm waves with my great-grandchildren on my 100th birthday. In spite of a lucrative career in real estate investing that affords me freedom of time, TRUE success for me is to love, be loved, and always be serving.

So I use that time very wisely by practicing the 5F’s.  I wasn’t always this clear on who I am, what makes me truly happy and how to achieve that – so I get it. If you’re not either, I’d love to help.

There is an even playing field when it comes to time. From homeless people to all the kings, queens, and leaders of the world, you and me included, we all have the same 16 waking hours each day. The key is figuring out how to invest them. 

~ Brian Scrone


Brian has spoken on stages all over the world about his systematic approach to investing in real estateand building a life that affords you freedom of time – the most precious resource we all have.

Now, Brian is speaking on stages to address the deeper issue – how to invest that time in What Matters Most…to you.

Brian’s ability to connect, inspire and most importantly call ‘bullshit’ on perceived road blocks and excuses makes any experience with him effective.

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