~ The Mastermind ~


~ The Mastermind ~

Why You Should Attend the Mastermind

It's a Numbers Game & a People Business

We feel strongly that irregardless of your industry, your growth and success is driven by the people you surround yourself with. Our promise is to only include the best of the best of resources and people we all have access to in this group.

Accountability / Leverage

Hands down we are only as successful as we are held accountable for. While we believe in the strength of the individual, sustainable and scalable growth comes from the accountability of a strong group.

Being a part of the What Matters Most Mastermind has given me a tribe of fiercely loyal, protective and supportive entrepreneurs.  This group totally gets the challenges of entrepreneurship and we all work together to help one another grow and advance in our lives and careers.  This mastermind has changed how I do just about everything. 

SHAUNA ARNOTT - CEO of Haste and Hustle

What is the 'What Matters Most?' Mastermind?

This is a lateral think tank made up and run equally by its members and led by the WMM team.

A true Mastermind leans on and thrives on the individual strengths of all its members. We are honored to invite you to the first of its kind, a venue that focuses on your personal growth and strengths in all areas of you life.

While we acknowledge the importance of Finance, this mastermind will touch all areas of life including and not limited to (Faith, Fitness, Family, Friends, and Finance) and focus on "What Matters Most" for you wherever you are in your journey.

Fun, growth and learning is the goal and if we are not having fun we are missing the point.

"What drives me to share my knowledge around successful real estate investing with YOU, is the opportunity to serve you in creating more TIME in your life
for the things that matter most."


When and Where is The Mastermind?

Dates and times may vary and will be communicated to the group ASAP.

OCTOBER 18-19, 2018

(In Person)

DECEMBER 3, 2018


JANUARY 24-25, 2019

(In Person)


MARCH 24, 2019


MAY 2-3, 2019

(In Person)

MAY 4, 2019*

*(Optional Family/Spouse Day)

JUNE 24, 2019


SEPTEMBER 5-6, 2019

(In Person)

There are like minded people that are real and authentic in this Mastermind. I love the fact that Brian takes things he learned along the way and gives credit for the people that help him. One thing I also love is we all have different skillsets. Someone may be really good at marketing or event planning and I can learn a lot from them. And it’s really cool that I can give my skillset of construction and real estate . There’s no attitudes and no judgement. It’s a really cool place to grow and learn.

IAN SZABO - Founder of Short Bus Talks, Keller Williams Energy Realty Brokerage

A Mastermind is a secret sauce to what helps people  build momentum and consistency and growth and being surrounded by a group of peers. IT’s the mindset and heart that helps you win together. Of all the books I’ve read in the last 2-3 years, Brian’s is at the top to help me with my own trajectory to figure out what Matters Most.

JOSH LESLIE - Founder of Stewardly

My biggest takeaway is that I’m not the only one who is self employed. It’s nice to learn about others, where they’re at and their challenges so we can help one another.

DION BEGG - CEO of Butler Mortgage Inc.

How Does The Mastermind Work?

The group will meet quarterly (4x) in person for two full day meetings each year.

Each member will have equal time to share, teach, and lead the room at each meeting.

The group will also have a required mid quarter teleconference approximately half way between each physical meeting with the goal of accountability for the 90 day goals set in previous meeting.

Continuity and consistency of communication is key to growth so we will look to expand communication between physical meetings to meet the groups needs.

The WMM team will be responsible for curating and leading both the physical and virtual meetings.

Any and all information shared with in the group will be 100% confidential with no exceptions. A safe and nurturing environment is key to the success of the growth of the individual and group equally.



4 Quarterly, 2-Day, In-Person Meet-ups

Direct, 1-on-1 Consultation from Brian

Quarterly Virtual Meet up for Accountability & Leverage 

US $4,998 per participant per year